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    KDevelop Programming Issue


    Right now I'm developing a C project using GTK in KDevelop. I'm about to finish the project but I'm having this problems:

    I'm using several images that I have in my Desktop. To use them in I'm including their paths in my code. What do I need to do to include this pictures in my project so when I do


    in another computer this pictures automatically install in a specific folder??

    Thank in advance for you help and forgive me for my bad english.

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    Are you saying that you have several images, currently located on your desktop, that you're using in your program? And you're worried that those images won't be bundled with your program?

    Well, it's quite simple -- include the images in your distribution. You'll probably create an archive of some sort, so put the images in there.

    If you're looking to install the images in a specific place in the target computer -- say, /var/program, you'll probably want to read up on how to do this with automake or whatever you are using for installation. I don't know how to do it offhand, but I can't see it being much different from installing a program.

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