(I say BCC55 means the free compiler.)
Hi, there. I have written a timecode format v2 to v1 converter (for media processing use), I successfully compiled it with mingw.

I want to have a try on BCC55, but failed.

I have 3 problems:
1. I tried to compile the shell with BCC55 and got the EXE file, but it doesn't work with the DLL which mingw builds. When I try to convert a timecode it crashs.
2. I don't know how to compile DLL with BCC55, anyone can give a example?
3. I write it with C but BCC55 is a C++ compiler, which produce much more warnings than GCC. Can I force it to compile the source code as C not C++?

This is the binaries and source codes.

Sorry for my poor English.