Thread: Making a folder and moving files into it?

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    Question Making a folder and moving files into it?

    Hi guys

    I am looking to make a small program in C that asks for the name you would like to call your folder then creates that folder in the same directory as the program is in, then it asks you for the name of the file you would like to move into that folder, the file due for moving will also bee in the same directory as the program.

    I have only learnt how to make a text file so far not how to make a folder and also I dont know how to move files. Please could somebody point me in the right direction.
    I have googled it before coming here but all I get is C# code



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    Since you use the word folder I am going to assume your operating system is some MS Windows.
    Take a look at the functions CreateDirectory() and CopyFile()
    Here's an example of how both functions are used. Look in the code for those two functions.

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