Thread: recommended unit test frameworks?

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    recommended unit test frameworks?

    I'm looking for a good (open source preferred) unit test framework that I can use for some project work that I'm about to embark on. Any preferences/recommendations?

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    A quick search of the Web brings up Check and CUnit.
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    Want to know the how to intigrate CUNIT to my project

    Quote Originally Posted by laserlight View Post
    A quick search of the Web brings up Check and CUnit.
    Hi ALl,
    Even i wanted to use CUnit for my unit testing.
    I am not able to understand the user guide provided by CUNIT people.
    can anybody help steps how to intigrate the my project to CUNIT library?

    Thanks lot for your help.


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    I doubt that will help. Assert is also a very good tool, but it will be difficult to impossible to unit test with assert unless you hard-code your tests there.

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    Here's a few to choose from:
    List of unit testing frameworks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I actually wrote my own. Later I found out that it wasn't too different from CppUnitLite.
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