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    Strange Output

    When i run this programme i get the following output:


    How come the second printf statement does not use the "val" value?

           int val;
           val = 20;
           float num = 2.0/3.0;
           printf("%5.4f \n",num); 
           printf("%-5f \n",val);
           return 0;

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    Because it's not a floating point value.

    For some reason, the printf function assumes that floating point values are stored in floating point registers, and not taking the data you have in the argument list. Now, it would also not produce the right output if it took the "val" value - it would produce some quite strange output - since it would essentially take the value 20 as a floating point value, and that would NOT be a valid floating point value.

    Either cast your val to float/double, e.g
    printf("%-5f\n", (double)val);
    Or use a integer format (that's PROBABLY what you really wanted anyways):
    printf("%-5d\n", (double)val);
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