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    Merge Binary Files

    I have a program that creates multiple binary files. The problem is that I need to merge the files together. I can use the cat command afterwards and merge the files by hand. I would like however to merge the files together in the C program. I know I could just read in and write, but that sounds wasteful as cat seems to work much faster. Any help as usual appreciated.

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    I know I could just read in and write
    That's the right way.

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    probably cat works faster because it reads/writes in big chunks
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    I think fgets() and fputs() is good for this case.
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    No, fgets() and fputs() aren't binary-safe.

    You mean, fread() and fwrite()

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    cat _DOES_ fread/fwrite (or some variant thereof) - so, yes, it doesn't make much sense to write your own version of the same functionality.

    If you still want to do that, use large buffers for the read/write data - 4KB or bigger will be a good start.

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    A buffer size of BUFSIZ is meant to have pretty good performance characteristics (on average).

    cat may use the lower level read/write primitives which are a bit closer to the machine than the truly portable fread/fwrite. But you limit yourself to POSIX systems in doing so.

    You also have to weigh the efficiency of cat with the cost of spawning another process.
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    Thanks for the help guys. This was a programing assignment designed to learn system calls on a unix based system. Therefore, I decided to use the system("cat -u ....") command.

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