Thread: Displaying fractions simple problem

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    Displaying fractions simple problem

    i'm just starting to learn C and i have a problem with displaying fractions.

    My code:

          float num = 2/3;
          printf("%f", num);
          return 0;
    When i run this, the ouput is:


    How do i get it to output .666666??
    Also, how would i get the output to display correct to 6 decimal places?

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    How do i get it to output .666666??
    By using floating point division instead of integer division.

    Also, how would i get the output to display correct to 6 decimal places?
    By using the format flags for printf(). For example:
    int main(void)
        float num = 2.0f / 3.0f;
        printf("&#37;.6f", num);
        return 0;
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