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    declaration issues


    I have just come across an issue that i am just not able to understand..
    i have declared a structure in one of .c files ..

    struct fun {
        char var1;
        int var 2;
        struct fun *next 
    now what i have done is i have made a header file and put a typedef like:

    typedef struct fun morefun
    and GOD KNOWS how the header file is able to know that the structure has been defined in the other file..and code is compiling with not even a single warning..

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    What does the code that uses morefun look like? If it's only using morefun as a pointer, and never accessing it's content, then you only need to tell the compiler that it's "some sort of struct called fun", which is what you have done.

    The code will not compile if it's accessing members of a struct that hasn't been declared. No doubt about this.

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