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    Accessing Structures Inside Structures


    As you can see below, the program will hold the account data in one structure and then the character data in another structure. Eventually, 'player_data' will contain more structures to other parts of the program (but that's not the case). For some reason I cannot access the 'player_data' structure through the 'account_data' structure.

    This is what my current code looks like (for testing purposes).
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        acc_data[0].player[0]->class_id = 10;
        printf("class id: %d\n", acc_data[0].player[0]->class_id);
        return 0;
    And here's the structures.

    struct account_data
        char user[NAME_LENGTH];
        char pass[NAME_LENGTH];
        struct player_data *player[MAX_CHARACTERS];
        char *buffer;
        char *incbuffer;
        short char_id;
        short char_num;
        short ingame;
        long attack_timer;
        long data_timer;
        long data_bytes;
        long data_packets;
        long party_player;
        short in_party;
        short target_type;
        short target;
        short casted_spell;
        short party_starter;
        short getting_map;
    } acc_data[100];
    struct player_data
        char name[NAME_LENGTH];
        short sex_id;
        short sprite_id;
        short class_id;
        short access_id;
        short level;
        long exp;
        short pk;
        short guild;
        long hp;
        long mp;
        long sp;
        short str;
        short def;
        short spd;
        short mgc;
        short pnts;
        short slot_armor;
        short slot_weapon;
        short slot_helmet;
        short slot_shield;
        int map_id;
        short coord_x;
        short coord_y;
        short dir;
    What am I doing wrong, because every time I use printf, the program crashes? I want to constantly add, change, and remove data in certain situations.

    EDIT: And is there a way to shorten a structure check using the array requested?
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    your player is just array of pointers

    - or you should allocate the array using malloc
    - or change it to array of structs
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