Thread: stdio.h or cstdio.h ?

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    stdio.h or cstdio.h ?

    Hi guys,

    I know that in C++ we don't add .h after the include file, to work with the stanard library.

    How doe's it work in C?
    Should I include:

    stdio ??
    or soething else ...

    Many thanks

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    C++ removes the .h and prefixes c. So cstdio in C++ would be stdio.h in C.
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    If you're working in C++ include <cstdio> to use the C stream library. There really isn't a reason to do this I think apart from special circumstances or the flawed belief that C line-buffered I/O is faster than C++'s line-buffered I/O.

    If you're working in C, the library is <stdio.h>

    When C++ adapted C's standard library, the older header files were renamed using an initial c and no extensions.

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