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    While Loop

    I am writing a program that calculates employee bonuses based on several criteria. My last requirement is that I embed the code in a loop that allows an indeterminate number of employees and their information to be input and the bonuses calculated... does someone have an idea of how I might do this. I think that I need a while or a do while loop, but I am not sure. thanks for the help

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    If the loop is undetermined , try using a sentinell value like XXXXX
    or 99999
    #define LAST XXXXX


    //during some coding
    //test for LAST

    }while(record != LAST);
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    >indeterminate number of employees

    You should define some end-code. If the user gives this end-code as input, then the end of input is reached.

    #define END_CODE 1
    code = 0;
    while (code != 1)
        /* let the user input a code */

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    That's strange. I have a program due thrusday with those exact same requirements. S215 rules.

    You should probably ask the user "Calculate another bonus(Y/N)?" and terminate the loop if N is entered.

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