Thread: clock cycle counter?

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    clock cycle counter?

    Is there some function in c under linux that one can use to count clock cycles/nr of ticks? or similar? preferably in nano secs.

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    You'll never have nanoseconds precision, well not with the computer we are using these days.

    I couldn't say if there's such function on Linux. I bet there is; someone else might answer you.

    But if you can write assembly for IA-32 processor (or Intel 64 architecture processor), then you should look at the RDTSC (ReaD Time Stamp Counter) instruction.

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    somthing like
    inline unsigned long rdtsc()
    #if defined(__ia64)
        /* for Intel Itanium 64 bit processor */
        unsigned long x;
        __asm__ __volatile__("mov %0=ar.itc" : "=r"(x) :: "memory");
        while (__builtin_expect ((int) x == -1, 0))
            __asm__ __volatile__("mov %0=ar.itc" : "=r"(x) :: "memory");
        return x;
        /* for all others */
        unsigned long long x;
        unsigned int low,high;
        __asm__ __volatile__("rdtsc" : "=a" (low), "=d" (high));
        x = high;
        x = (x<<32)+low;
        return x;
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