Thread: Using a linked list globally and File I/O

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    You are using break/continue in a non-traditional way, and I don't think you actually mean to do it that way, as there is so little benefit and huge increase in confusion from it [in fact, I think most of your confusion stems from this].

    Change ALL of your continue to break.

    Then use do - while instead of for(;, and set a flag based on your choice2 input.

    However, you also compare choice2 with the string "y" - this will not work - choice2's location in memory will never ever match the string "y" [at least not and also function correctly with the fgets() that you are using]. You need to use strcmp or just use a compare of the first character of your string.

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    if (choice2=="y") break;
    OK, so choice is char* and "y" is char*, so you're basically comparing pointer vs. pointer, and that's why it doesn't work.
    If you need to compare a char against a char, you would do choice[n] = 'n' as you did. If you need to compare a string against another string, you need to use strcmp.
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