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    You can use gcc/g++ or if you need it on windows may be go for mingw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElemenT.usha View Post
    can you suggest me a good compiler ? >matsp

    by the way which one do you use???
    I use several compilers, because I work on Embedded systems, which means different compilers for different target architectures. However, there are two clear candidates that will work well with PC's:
    - Microsoft Visual Studio - a free version called Visual Studio Express is available from
    - gcc - This is the "Gnu Compiler Collection", which is a open source project [so when you have ten or so years of experience in C, you could download the compiler and "check out how the compiler works" - but this is not a beginners exercise]. There are several IDE's that use gcc as the compiler, such as Dev-CPP and Code::Blocks.

    I use Visual Studio for much of my work at Home, and gcc at work different things for PC/Windows development. For embedded development I use a different set of compilers that are neither free, nor suitable for use to compile on a PC, so it's pretty meaningless for you.

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    thanxx for that... so i ll move up to visual studio...........
    and one more thing..... i now know pretty much of c and data structures....

    i want to completely know every nook of the language like its real time applications and others.... can you do the favour of directing me......

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