Thread: Problem with scanf

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    Problem with scanf

    I need to get input a double, and if the user will press "ENTER" it will continue.. when I use scanf(%lf,&num); the program waits that there will be some input, and if I press "ENTER" it doesn't continue.. (I'm not using files..)

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    So, what you want is that if the user DOES NOT enter any numeric value, some "previous" or "default" value is used, is that about right?

    You could use fgets() to read a string in, then if the string isn't empty [note that fgets includes the newline in the string - so an empty string is "\n"], convert it to a double [using e.g. strtod() or sscanf()].

    If that's not what you want, please clarify what you DO want.

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    hmm i think you forgot the quotation marks around %lf, so it should be:
    scanf ("%lf" , &num)

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