Thread: Copy and Paste function in console apps.

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    Copy and Paste function in console apps.

    Whenever I want to copy and paste some data into an application (say a paragraph of text into a word counting application), I have to open it up in command prompt.
    When I run the app by double clicking it, I get no 'right click --> paste' functions to use.

    When I use command prompt I loose the debugging functions in VC++. How can I implement a copy and paste thing into my application?


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    Have you tried right-clicking on the title-bar?
    I might be wrong.

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    Haha, yes that works thanks

    How could I have it so that i can right click anywhere in the window though?

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    Right click on Console Application on your title bar, and you should see an option Edit-Mark, click on that. And now use your mouse to highlight the content which you want to copy on your console screen and hit the enter key. The content which you highlighted is now been copyed.


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    Open a console
    Click the top-left icon in the title bar, and choose properties
    On the options tab, select "QuickEdit mode".

    Then you can do
    - hold left mouse button down, then drag to select text
    - right mouse (or press enter) to copy
    - right mouse again to paste
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    Thats great Salem.

    Thankyou all

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