Thread: malloc, realloc..wat on earth!

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    Unhappy malloc, realloc..wat on earth!

    hey guys..i need some help on understanding how to use malloc and then realloc in my programme..the sizes of my arrays are always varying based on some parameters that i have in my program, so i know that i need to use the realloc function for the sizes of several arrays, but to do that i must first use malloc which i have no idea how to use! help pleasee..i need to use it for the sizes of these arrays, all of type float: t[i], x[i].
    i know it has something to do with declaring pointers, but i dnt no which pointers to declare!

    many thanxxxxxxxxxx

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    I might be wrong.

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    There are some examples in the FAQ.
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    here is one good tutorial for you


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