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    Question math programming

    I am trying to make a program that will
    find the sqaure root of any number. I have
    ing a lot of trouble. Maybe it would help if
    someone could show me the derivation
    of the sqarue root mathematicaly.

    please help,

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    still, im trying to find a way to extract an exact square root.
    unless the only way is to use limits and see what number the
    answer is closing in on, but then I would really be lost as far
    as programming calculus theories.

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    There is solutions that will never be exact>>>sqrt(3,2);<<<<will never be exact. So as fare as I know there is no way you can write a program that can extract an exact square root of any number. You can use the theory from prev post and run it until it is good enough

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    Question microsoft calculator

    i thought the same thing but then i remembered that
    the default calculator that comes with windows can
    calculate exact square roots.

    I have to either right a program that can calculate square roots or absolute value, though if I can get the square root part down, i can use that for absolute value. Hopefully some can either assure there is no way or point me in the right direction of the right way.

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    The windows calc probably just uses QWORDS and uses the FSQRT instruction to get the square root.

    With the FPU, no need to code an integer sqrt function or a floating point sqrt function. The days of floating point emulation ended with the FPU.

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