Thread: how to ordered const structs

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    how to ordered const structs

    Hello every one.
    I'm developing a menu system for a embedded device. i designed a struct and some core functions. i need all menu items in ordered some way. but when i try to compile this code faced with error { initializer element is not a constant }. here is sample code with comments. how can i solve this problem.
    (complier gcc)

    #include <stdio.h>
    typedef struct _MENUITEM {			// this struct have details of menu items
    	unsigned char* title;			// title bar
    	struct _MENUITEM * topItem;		// if this item have parent, pointer of this parent, if dont have 0
    	struct _MENUITEM * subItems;		// if this item have sub items, pointer of first item, if dont have subitems 0
    } _menuItem; 
    #define ITEM_1_IND	0	// order of menu items
    #define ITEM_2_IND	1
    #define ITEM_3_IND	2
    #define ITEM_4_IND	4
    #define ITEM_5_IND	5
    #define ITEM_6_IND	6
    #define ITEM_7_IND	8
    const _menuItem itemOne;	// definitions
    const _menuItem itemTwo;
    const _menuItem itemThree;
    const _menuItem itemFour;
    const _menuItem itemFive;
    const _menuItem itemSix;
    const _menuItem itemSeven;
    _menuItem * const itemsArray[] = {	// now i can reach items ordered
    // error in this line. {initializer element is not a constant}
    const _menuItem itemOne =		{"one",		0,		itemsArray[ITEM_2_IND]};
    // one have no parent item and it have subitem(s). this items start from second(ITEM_2_IND=1) item of itemsArray
    const _menuItem itemTwo =		{"two",		itemsArray[ITEM_1_IND],		itemsArray[ITEM_4_IND]};
    const _menuItem itemThree =		{"three",	itemsArray[ITEM_1_IND],		itemsArray[ITEM_7_IND]};
    int main(void) {
    	printf ("hello");
    	return EXIT_SUCCESS;

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    Why not
    const _menuItem itemOne =		{"one",		0,		&itemTwo};
    and dispense with the itemsArray.
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    thanks Salam. it's ok now

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