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    Question Use some quick help

    Hello again. I don't know what is wrong with the following equation, but I keep getting this error message.

    Error 4 error C2676: binary '-' : 'Vector' does not define this operator or a conversion to a type acceptable to the predefined operator

    These are where the types come from

    typedef struct {
    	double x;	
    	double y;	
    } Vector;
    typedef struct {
    	Vector r;			
    	Vector v;	
    	double m;	
    	char name[MAX_NAME];
    } Body;
    I'm lost as to what that error is from. Thanks.

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    At the end of your statement:
    That needs to be an r.x-bodies or an r.y-bodies (I have no idea which).

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    Thanks! I got it working!

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    I'm a bit concerned that the [i++] expressions are not guaranteed to be computed in the order you expect. I would recommend that you use a "[i+n]" where n is zero to however much you want it to be, and then do
    after the entire expression.

    Also, making it a bit less of a long line would help the understanding of the expression - remember, you or someone else may have to understand the entire expression at some later stage.

    Calculating complex expressions as partial components can also help the understanding some.

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    Yuck, what horribly long, wrong, and disgusting code.
    Break it down into much smaller parts.
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