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    typedef struct

    I really shouldn't be posting this because i've done this before, but the way of doing it that i was 100% sure about is causing errors and I can't find example code that goes through the 10 or so lines that I need. My old source files were obliterated courtesy of Dev-C++, so I'll just go ahead and embarrass myself with 10 lines I just can't figure out.

    typedef struct
    	int lols;
    	int lol2;
    	int lol3;
    somestruct test;
    test.lol3 = 0;
    It's as if I didn't define 'test'. I can change 'test' in the assignment to anything and it still reports the same error.

    "syntax error before '.' token "

    In all honesty I can't believe I'm making this topic, but I just don't know what the hell is going on. Sorry for the stupid question.

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    If you want to assign a value to a global struct, you either have to do it with an initializer, like this:
    somestruct test = { 1, 2, 3 };
    or inside a function, e.g. in main or some other function, in which case your syntax is correct - just not in the right place.

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    Thanks alot matsp. I'm not sure how I forget this stuff...

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