Thread: Abstract Data Type(ADT)

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    Abstract Data Type(ADT)

    What is an Abstract Data type in C. I could not find any info as it pertains to C programming. Also How do I Implement one.
    Any examples would be great.

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    Why do you want to implement one if you don't know what it is?

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    You mean like 'list' or 'tree' ?
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    Abstract data type (ADT) is a specification of a set of data and the set of operations that can be performed on the data.

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    Abstract data type

    I need to write a program that takes in a name of a person and some other descriptions of the person. The program should also do some calculations with the use of different functions eg. calculate time spent, payment owed etc. I need to do this with the use of an ADT. So what is the format for this?

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    Hint: Structures is an ADT in C. Just an eample in C

    >So what is the format for this?
    May be like this
    struct person
        char name[25];
        char time[20];

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