Thread: Help with Day Month Year Program..due by 12

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    Help with Day Month Year Program..due by 12

    You are to make a program that prompts the user for the month, day, and year, numerically. For instance, if the user enters 12 for the month, that indicates September. It will then output a nicely formatted string.

    For example, if the user entered 2 3 and 2004, the program would output:

    February 3, 2004

    You should perform error checking, and prompt the user again if they enter data that's out of range for the month or day. However, you needn't worry about which months have a certain number of days, or leap years. So the valid range for days would always be 1 - 31. However, if you do feel like incorporating this, feel free.

    i am troubleshooting but i might be way off..i'm a beginner and would really appreciate some help as to i dont think this program is very difficult

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    gonna need some more information if anyones gonna be able to help you out.
    narrow the question down.
    what exactly are you having problems with?
    also, post the code that you have so far.

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