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    printing output

    how to print the output of my C++ program(visual studio 2005) to paper?the code i printed just by print option,but the black "dos" window with the output i've never printed before...
    help plz...

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    You have a few options. One thing you could do is copy and paste from the command window into notepad or something similar and then print it out (Right click, click mark, shade in what you want, right click, open notepad, paste). Another is that you could run your program with output redirection to a file and then print it from there.

    More complicated would be to actually store your output and print it yourself from your program. Also slightly complicated would be to have a wrapper function which prints to both stdout and to a file, but that seems like overkill for something like this.

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    or just run command as
    "dir > output.txt"

    and then print the generatd file
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