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    Challenging question.

    Hello I have this question to do which I'm finding it really hard basically:

    I have to write a program to perform a least-squares analysis (also called linear regression) of the data shown below this page, and find the line of best-fit relating log velocity to magnitude. They have given me a start to this: which is shown in the attachment along with the data given.

    I calculated sumx, sum y, sumxx, and sumxy and inputted it into the program...but it was telling me to declare variables:

    j, m, nd, gradient, intercept, logvel

    so i declared j, m and nd to int and the others to a float...But it said that incorrect value or array. Clearly i'm missing a lot of code, but I just dont know how to go from here, if anyone can help i would really appreciate it,!

    Thanks a lot for your time
    From Steve

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    The code you attached is kinda unfinished so I can't check for a lot of things, but you cannot access arrays with floats or doubles. They're whole numbers. 0, 1, 2, 3, etc, not 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, etc. So either do a cast or use ints.
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    Well, you seem to think that m[] and logvel[] should be arrays that hold the data. If that's true, you need to declare them as such. You also need to get the data into the array somehow. (Read from a file and take logarithms as necessary, I would guess.) Is nd your number of data? If so, you need to increment it as you read in a data point. Once you've got that, you're calculations look right at first glance.

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