Thread: Run Executible from inside main of other executible?

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    Run Executible from inside main of other executible?

    I was hoping someone could help me with how to link two executables. I have a executable that records data into two files. I then have another executable that parses those files into the information needed in a nice format. My plan is to convert this into one action. How do I run the parse executible from inside the 1st program?

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    For Windows, you can use ShellExecute or OpenProcess.
    But I find it just silly to have two apps. Make it into one app, if possible.
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    There's an FAQ on how to run a program from within another program.

    I agree with Elysia, however -- you almost certainly don't want to do this, not the least because it might be quite difficult to communicate between the programs. If it's already set up so that you communicate with files, however, you could give it a shot.

    The simplest, and most portable, way to execute another program is with
    It might be slightly more secure (and perhaps less portable) if you use
    but system() is inherently insecure. (And slow.) But any way you execute an external program is subject to security issues.

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