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    Sorting an array

    I have looked through the forums for a problem similar to mine but given the specifics of my particular assignment, none of the posts (that I've seen so far) have similar structures.

    I have an array of a given length... in this case, we'll say:


    using a function named larger(a, b) in another.c file, which determines which of two ints is larger, how do I sort the elements of an array in ascending order? I've been sitting here for hours messing with it but I keep confusing myself.

    This is what I have so far, which is way off, but just to show you the code structure for this part of the code.

            for(j = total; j > 0; j--)  /* total is the length of the array */
                    for(i = 0; i < j; i++)
                            temp = larger(input[i], input[j]);
                            if(temp = input[i])
                                    temp1 = input[j];
                                    input[j] = input[i];
                                    input[i] = temp1;
    Thank you in advance for taking time to look at this.

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    I posted a qsort program a few days ago, under the heading Golf Clubs, Cash. There may be something there to help you.

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    Whilst I recommend going with qsort instead of rolling your own sorting algorithm, there are a few things you should learn with respect to the code you have written.

    1. There is a buffer overrun. The first loop start with j equal to total, which is the length of the array, so item j does not exist. j would need to start at length-1.
    2. Comparison uses ==, not =. This line would not do what you wanted:
    if(temp = input[i])
    3. a comparison function such as your 'larger' function only needs to return a BOOL indicating IF the first value is larger than the second. It doesn't actually need to return the value of which one is larger. You've probably written more of a 'max' function.
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