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    Fscanf endless loop

    I'm getting a endless loop at the line I've marked. I'm making a program that compares two files and if there is something different on each line of the file, the program will report what line it is that has a difference between the two files. Anyways, I can get it working and debug the logic of the program myself, but before I can do that I need to figure out why I have a endless loop. I have it saying if it equals EOF, then to break out of the loop. But instead it just keeps repeating the same last letter in the file over and over. As you can see my other while loops have text2 != EOF. So I thought maybe text2 isn't stored the EOF, but only the value of fscanf outputs EOF, so thats why I the line I've marked is alittle different from the other while loops, because I was trying to test different things.

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
      int Counter1 = 1, k=0;
      char text1, text2;
      FILE *Fin, *Bin;
      Fin = fopen("testdata60","r");
      Bin = fopen("testdata60_2","r");
      while((fscanf(Fin,"&#37;c",&text1) != EOF) && (fscanf(Bin,"%c",&text2) != EOF)){
          if((text1 || text2) == '\n'){
            if(text1 == '\n'){
              if(text2 != '\n'){
                printf("\nThe files are not the same on line %d",Counter1);
                while( (fscanf(Bin,"%c",&text2) != '\n') || (text2 != EOF)) printf("%c",text2);
              Counter1 = Counter1 + 1;
            else if(text2 == '\n'){
              if(text1 != '\n'){
                printf("\nThe files are not the same on line %d",Counter1);
                while( (fscanf(Fin,"%c",&text1) != '\n') || (text1 != EOF)) k=k+0;
              Counter1 = Counter1 + 1;
          else if(text1 != text2){
            printf("\nFiles are different on line %d",Counter1);
            while( (fscanf(Bin,"%c",&text2) != '\n') || (fscanf(Bin,"%c",&text2) != EOF)) printf("%c",text2); /* ENDLESS LOOP*/
            while( (fscanf(Fin,"%c",&text1) != '\n') || (text1 != EOF)) k=k+0;
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    IF you're just going to compare two text files (which I assume you are), then use fgets to read a line from both files, then compare them with strcmp. Much easier and less messy.
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    > if((text1 || text2) == '\n')
    This doesn't mean what you think it means.
    text1 == '\n' || text2 == '\n'
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