Thread: Clarification on compile time error

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    Clarification on compile time error

    I have a dual boot system which runs linux. I dumped all of my C/C++ code on their and did some coding and tested my program. Everything compiled and ran. Transferred it over to Windows, made some more changes and wasn't able to compile. The only error I recieved was for one file, which I didn't even touch at all since I got it. It's a generic main program for testing our code. The error message was something like "i386 architecture isn't compatible with the i386 x64's output". The program still compiled but produced a segmentation fault. I got this error when trying to execute my code on my school's server. After I replaced the main program file with the one from the website (which was identical because I made no changes), it compiled and worked fine. No segmentation fault this time....why would this happen?

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    Strange - it sounds a bit like you were trying to mix 32 and 64-bit code - which would make for interesting effects.

    It's not clear from what you describe exactly what is wrong, or why, but the above seems like a possible scenario, but I don't quite understand why that would be.

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    Sounds like a typical case of the Windows compiler being stupid. I've seen worse.

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