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    What is wrong with this

    The assignment was to convert .ppm image file to bytes to do something else with them, and I have a small problem with this bit of code:

    unsigned char *grey;
    int width, height, i;
    grey=malloc(sizeof(unsigned char)*width*height);
    for (i=0;i<width*height;i++)
           grey[i] = greyfunction(f);
           printf("&#37;d\n", grey[i]);
    return 0;
    unsigned char greyfunction(FILE *f)
    	int i;
    	unsigned char R, G, B, H;
    	H = (0.3*R + 0.59*G + 0.11*B);                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
    	return H;
    It seems that it never gets out of that for. And besides it prints nr. 204 forever (I guess that one of the bytes in the original picture.
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    > for (i=0;i<leveys*korkeus;i++)
    Why isn't this width * height ?

    The file would seem to be more than just an array of bytes encoding RGB in 3 bytes per pixel.

    For example, each colour value is encoded as two characters representing 1 hex byte.
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    Whoops, I wrote this in my own language so obviously those should be width*height. I have read the header from the file in to variables and the pointer is currently pointing to the first byte which defines the picture.

    I found out that I read the header the wrong way..
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