Thread: Help with reading strings from a file

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    Help with reading strings from a file

    Hi, i'm not very skilled at c programming and i apologize in advance for any mistakes i make but i have an assignment that requires a program to read from a file and find the number of words, sentences and vowels along with another type of scoring system. My program seems reasonable and it should work and i get no errors but the editor that i'm using just closes.

    this is what i have so far:

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    It's impossible that you've written this code yet don't know why your program closes. Impossible. You're trying to cheat and it's damn obvious. You've taken this code somewhere and hope we'll tell you how to fix it.

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    Programming isn't hard in and of itself. It just demands lots of time and work at it. In that regard, if you're lazy, it is hard. If you're a diligent worker, then it might not be as difficult at all.

    Usually, I don't like downloading source files instead of reading the code here, but after reading Desolation's post, I had to check it out. You said you're not very skilled, but the person that wrote it was very good at C. Too good to be you. The only few warnings I could get the compiler to spit out was about signed/unsigned comparisons and an unused variable.

    Either get yourself into high gear and actually earn the rest of your degree, or just stop trying and fail the course.

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    > but the editor that i'm using just closes.
    I smell a FAQ question.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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