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    Talking Beginner stuff

    [B]Hey guys. I just started with C a few days ago and I can do a lot of basic stuff (printf, scanf, if , stuff like that) but, I'm trying to make a simple Console window program that can get data from a file by using a database to see if the file has the words that are in the database, and if so, display them. It's really more of an archive editing program. but what I cant do is:

    1. Figure out a way to do the whole database thing

    2. How to delete some of the above text. here's the code:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    printf("Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare Weapons File Editor\n");
    printf("Base design by xXezekielXx from\n");
    printf("Modified for CoD4 by 94Sniper from\n");
    printf(" \n");
    printf(" \n");
    printf("1. Load a weapon\n");
    	int a;
    	scanf("%d", &a);
    	if (a == 1)
    		printf("*EDITOR MENU*\n");
    		printf("This is a newer version of the original CoD WFE. Much has been changed from the original program. In this new program, you no longer have to find the name of the weapon file you wish to load! Simply type the name of the weapon below and in the second place, type whether it is Single-Player |type in S| or if the weapon is for multiplayer |type in M|.\n");
            int b, c;
            printf("Weapon:\n"); scanf("%d", &b);
            printf("SP/MP\n"); scanf("%d", &c);
            if (b == 1, c == 2);
                printf("Parameter Window: Parameters are the data files that you change. Type in a parameter to change.\n");
                printf(" \n");
                int d;
                printf("Parameter: \n"); scanf("%d", &d);
                printf(" \n");
                printf(" \n");
                printf("-- Parameters --\n");
                printf("FIND ALL THE PARAMETERS!\n");
    thanks for any help!

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    Can you clarify what your actual questions are?

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    text in code tags doesn't wrap. Try this to make your code more readable:
    /* insead of */

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