Thread: Bit Manipulation???

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    Bit Manipulation???

    I'm doing exercises from the book "programming pearls" to familiarize myself with C. After reading the chapter on bit manipulation and looking at this problem, I don't quite understand. Can anyone help me out with this one? Point me in the right direction and help get me started? Thanks in advance!


    Write a program that reads in a date, converts it to Binary Coded Decimal, and prints the original date, its Binary Coded Decimal equivalent (in hexadecimal format...) and the raw date value (the Binary Coded Decimal as an integer). The program should continue to execute until EOF is detected. For dates assume that you will always enter them like: 13-7-2003 (i.e. day, a month, and a 4 digit year).

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    Start with extracting the 8 numeric digits you input from the date.
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