Thread: No idea where to start with this program that needs loops...

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    No idea where to start with this program that needs loops...

    Well, my compute science teacher gave us a lab to do over break, and I decided to just get started. It's very easy, but I simply do not know what kind of loop to use, nor do I know what I use to increment the asterisks. Here's the lab:

    Write a C program that prints the following patterns below one another. There is no user
    input. Use for loops to generate the patterns. All asterisks (*) should be printed by a
    single printf() statement. Use getchar() to pause the screen between patterns. You need
    not define functions for this lab.



    and so on

    All I need is a few legs to stand on and then I'll be figuring this out. Thanks

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    There are for, while and do...while loops. Maybe you should read a little about them to figure out which one might be the best for your task.
    Try to visualize how you want the program to perform. In type of code. "How would I write code that can make this"? That is a typical question a developer asks him/herself.
    Take some time and get used to the available loops, their syntax and what they might be good for and you'll get used to it.

    I'll help you a little. For things such as this, a for loop is usually best.
    This site has a lot of good tutorials you can read if you're wondering about loops and stuff.

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    Well, you want 1 asterisk, and then 2, and then 3, etc. So perhaps a variable holding this maximum value would be a good idea. You could put this into a loop which loops from 1 to whatever the maximum number of asterisks in a line is.

    1, 2, 3, etc is all very well, but you want to actually print that number of asterisks. How can you do this? With another loop inside the first, which starts from 0 (or 1) and loops until it reaches the value of the outer loop's control variable. So you get 1, \n, 1, 2, \n, 1, 2, 3, \n, . . . .

    What kind of loop you use (for, while, do-while) is entirely up to you. There isn't a huge difference between the different kinds of loops -- everything that can be done with one loop can be done with the other two, although maybe not very prettily. However, for loops lend themselves naturally to counting, so consider using them.

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