Thread: declare and initialize struct members

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    declare and initialize struct members


    thats maybe a stupid question but i got stuck on it. is there any way to not only declare but initialize array/pointer members in a struct or union?

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    No and yes.

    You can't initialize ANYTHING in a struct or union declaration.

    You can initialize into a variable declared of a struct or union type.

    For example:
    struct something {
        int x;
        int *ptr;
    int someint;
    struct something somevar = { 0, &someint };
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    my boss leaved me confused, now this make sense to me.

    thanks mats for helping me out with this.

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    You can also use ZeroMemory or memset to 0 out everything in a struct. This is always recommended if you're not initializing the struct as outlined above (since some member may have junk data otherwise).

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