Thread: Convert data from file into a matrix

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    Convert data from file into a matrix

    hey there
    i need to convert data from a certain file into a matrix, in order to that matrix be a "labirinth" (i'm working on a project that trys to simulate a labirinth game)
    my objective here is to read a file, get his content, and then pass it to a matrix that i have denominated as "char * * matrix;"
    so, i'm gonna show you my code so you can understand better:
                   void main(){
                    int c;
                    fp = fopen(mapa,"r");				
    	if (fp == NULL){
    	printf("Can't open %s\n",mapa); 
                    c = getc(fp);
                    while(c != EOF ){
    		c = getc(fp); 
    now, someone told me that i should do this:

                     matrix = (char **)malloc(nr_lines * sizeof(char*));
    		for (line = 0; line < lines; line++){
    		matriz[line] = (char*)malloc(nr_columns * sizeof(char*));
    	} // don't worry, i've already denominated lines, columns etc
    so, after this, if this 2nd code is right, my matrix positions (x / y) will be the same as the file i've read?
    if not, what better way should i do??
    thanks in advance,
    i really would appreciate it

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    > void main()
    main returns an int, not void.
    See the FAQ

    > matriz[line] = (char*)malloc(nr_columns * sizeof(char*))
    Another FAQ point, don't cast the result of malloc in a C program.
    Also, the sizeof expression is wrong, it should be just char.

    In fact, use this approach when using malloc
    p = malloc( numRequired * sizeof *p );
    It always works, and you never have to refer back to the declaration of p in order to work out the type. Instead, you make the compiler do it (much safer).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    > void main()
    main returns an int, not void.
    See the FAQ
    I was expecting something like "see my avatar" :-D
    (ok, I stop posting useless stuff)

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