Thread: Image Processing on mouth ROI

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    Image Processing on mouth ROI

    The attachments contain "ipskin.pgm" and "m-004-1.pgm".
    "m-004-1.pgm" is the mouth region after opening(3x3) and closing(2x2) and labeling.
    "ipskin.pgm" is the raw image. Both of the image in binary format. However, i have changed to .bmp format in order to upload here.
    guys, is it possible to do some image processing techniques and obtain only the mouth region at the middle?
    I have tried to get the largest connected component but i got the moustache instead of mouth. What terms can i set so that every image will get the lips only and the rest (moustache and small connected component) become black background?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

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    Open up MSPAINT.

    Then click on the selection tool.

    Select the area you want.

    Then copy it.

    And you are ready to go.

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