Thread: Binary Search Tree Trouble

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    Binary Search Tree Trouble

    For the life of me, I can figure out why my treeRetrieve function isn't working. It seems that the create and insert seems to work.

    I'm looking for the program to input a txt file, and out the character frequency. This an assignment for Uni, I might as well be completely honest.

    So the program will count every character used in the program, and output how many times it been used.

    If anyone could help, and point me down the right path. This is only part 1 of 3... It would be amazing to final finish this part.

    Many thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by reelbigtim View Post
    It seems that the create and insert seems to work.
    No insert doesnt work. It doesn't insert anything into the tree and fails to return a node as specified in the prototype.


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