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    sorry one other thing. This is working backwards for me. i get a -1 for ascending number (1 2 3 4 5). here is the code i have

    float ascend_arr(float aarry[], int sizearr){
      int ascend;
      for(ascend = 1; ascend < sizearr;){
        if (aarry[ascend] < aarry[ascend + 1]){
          return 1;
      return -1; 
    Try to keep one question in one thread, and not discussing the SAME problem in two different threads.

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      int ascend;
      for(ascend = 1; ascend < sizearr;){
        if (aarry[ascend] < aarry[ascend + 1]){
    You start at 1 instead of 0, and you overrun the end of the array with aarry[ascend+1]. Oops. I think you meant
    for(ascend = 0; ascend < sizearr-1; ) {
    BTW, pronouncable variable names wouldn't hurt. "aarry" is just painful . . .

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