Thread: Noob help - Repeating a simple DOS program without exiting

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    Question Noob help - Repeating a simple DOS program without exiting

    Hello out there.

    I am brand new to programming in C, and I'm just jacking around with some basic DOS 'hello world' type programs.

    I'm trying to figure out the commands or lines that I would need to include in order to start a program over from its beginning without exiting the program and rerunning from the command line. Basically, a very simple line at the end of whatever just ran, asking the user "Would you like to run that again, Y or N?" If the answer is "N", just end the program at the DOS prompt. If the answer is "Y", then rerun the program.

    (Example output:
    Hello World!

    Would you like to print that again? (Y/N)

    Hello World!

    I hope that makes sense. I'm sure it is very easy if I just RTFM, but I guess I haven't made it to that page in the manual yet.

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    Loop as long as answer is yes
    	display output statement
    	ask question for yes or no

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