Thread: question on c or c++

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    question on c or c++

    Im sure you have heard this over and over again, but here goes.
    I know some C and i was wondering if learning c++ would be better?

    I want to maybe in the future get a job in programming.
    I also feel that at this point i will never stop learning programming so why not try to master c++

    i also dont want to spend to much time on c
    if im going to go to c++

    did you guys start out on c then move to c++
    it seems most you guys know both.....
    i know in college you go from c to c++

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    I'd say learn both.

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    Well, to completely understand C++, you really need to completely understand C, because (almost) everything that you can do in C can be used in C++. Of course, there's also a lot of things in C++ that can be done in an easier/better way using "proper C++" - but if you work on existing C++ code, don't be surprised if you find "C-style" solutions.

    The main reason that schools tend to teach C first, then C++, is that if you understand the basics in C, then the basics of C++ are almost there already. C++ then adds a bunch of other things that aren't there in C.

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    I have the same opinion as above. Though you can learn C++ without knowing C, its always good to learn C prior to it.

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