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    boolean question

    Given a function definition within a project as such:

    void usart_str_write(const char* string)
         while (*string)
    If string pointer sees anything other than a null, would it return a boolean true within the while loop condition? And is null character equivalent to a boolean false?


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    If string is NULL, then anything can happen when you try to dereference it, so I'd make that part of the condition.

    > And is null character equivalent to a boolean false?
    0, '\0' and NULL are regarded as false in C.
    Any other integral value, any other character and any valid pointer are regarded as true.
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    The reason that I'm asking the question is that I initially had *string != '\0'; as part of the condition.

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    That would do exactly the same thing as the code you have now - no difference in behaviour.

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