Thread: Using sizeof( long ) at compile time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by novacain View Post
    Looked at the #error preprocessor command?

    Something like

    #if sizeof(long) != 4
    #error Long incorrect size!
    That was how this started, and the preprocessor can't resolve "sizeof(long)" - it's something the compiler proper needs to do.

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    Maybe I should just do this:
    #if UINT_MAX != 0xFFFFFFFF
    #  error "ints aren't 4 bytes here!"
    Yeah, or, if you know how many bits you want in an unsigned int
    #if UINT_MAX != (1 << 32) - 1
    #error sizeof(unsigned int) != 4
    or, if you have the number of "characters" you want an unsigned int to be,
    #if UINT_MAX != (1 << (4 * CHAR_BIT)) - 1
    #error sizeof(unsigned int) != 4

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