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    regarding linked list

    iam storing the values in linked list in a sorted form
    how can i do this i have to sorted out with item_num key
    my code is
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    struct dllist {
     int item_num;
     char description[256];
     int quantity;
     float price;
     struct dllist *next;
     struct dllist *prev;
    struct dllist *head, *tail;
    void main()
    struct dllist *record;
    int item_no,quantity;
    float price;
    char description[256];
    int i;
    printf("enter records \n");
    record = (struct dllist *)malloc(sizeof(struct dllist));
    scanf("%s", &description);
    scanf("%d", &quantity);
    scanf("%f", &price);
    for(record = head; record != NULL; record = record->next)
    printf("%d \n",record->item_num);
    void append_node(struct dllist *lnode) {
     if(head == NULL) {
      head = lnode;
      lnode->prev = NULL;
     } else {
      tail->next = lnode;
      lnode->prev = tail;
     tail = lnode;
     lnode->next = NULL;
    thank u ,inadvance

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    The simplest thing would be to use an "insertion sort" method inside your append_node() which should in this case be renamed to insert_node().

    Insertion sort is based on finding the node that is greater (or lesser - depending on your sort order) and inserting the current item before the found node.

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    Haven't you learnt anything in your 77 posts to date?

    - void main - wrong
    - casting malloc - wrong
    - non-existent indentation
    - incorrect use of pointers in scanf with &#37;s

    To answer your other question, you need an insert() function, which walks down the list comparing each item_num with the one you want to add. When you get to the point where the 'prev' node is less and the 'next' node is greater-equal, that is where you insert the new node. Plus detecting the various edge conditions such as insert into an empty list, insert at head of list etc.
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