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    help with program

    I'm working on a program thats supposed to read a line in, then pass it to a function which prints the line one word per line, like this,
    >>>> ENTER A LINE:
    this is a test
    <<<< RESULT (4 words):

    the code below is just the snippet from the function. My problem is it gives me warnings saying, "[Warning] passing arg 1 of `getc' from incompatible pointer type" and "[Warning] passing arg 2 of `putc' from incompatible pointer type". I'm not real sure what I'm doing wrong, any help would be appericated

    #define MAXLEN 128
    int mystrtokens(char line[], char *words)
        /* Variables */    
        char read[128];    
        char ch;
        char *word[MAXLEN]; 
        int count;
        int i = 0;
                ch = getc(*word);
                if(isspace(ch) != 0)
                    *word = line;
                else (putc('\0', line));      	  
            }while (*word != ' ' && *word != '\0');
        }while(line != EOF);
        return *word, count;
    sorry I added the variables now
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    Well without seeing how you declared word or line (I'm guessing char or char*), it's hard to say.
    But getc and putc read and write a FILE* variable.

    > putc('\0', line)
    Perhaps \n would be better?
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