Thread: Creating a global linked list?

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    Creating a global linked list?

    Hi all, I have a homework assignment wherein I have to create a custom malloc and free (without ever using the standard functions for both), and I understand how to do this with a linked list, but I've run into a snag.

    I want to create a global Linked List in a .c file (which will include a .h file with the struct definitions for a linked list and nodes, and the .c file itself will be included in a driver) with just global variables and the functions for the malloc and free, but I have just learned that you cannot initialize a global variable with a function. Because of this, my plan to use sbrk() to allocate memory for the Linked List will not work. To further complicate this problem, we cannot edit the main function in the driver we are given, so I can't initialize the linked list there. So my question is: is it at all possible to create a global linked list? If so, how?

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    Well, there are two steps here, right?

    One is to CREATE a global linked list - which means to have one or more global variables to represent your memory allocation(s).

    The second step is to INITIIALIZE the variable(s) with something - since you want to call sbrk(), you can't use this function as an initializer. So the solution is to use run-time initialization. The "classic" method to do this is to have a flag to say "initialized", which is set to false to begin with, and when malloc is called, you check the "initialized" flag, and call "sbrk" if you need to. [Sometimes this can be done as part of the general checking to see if sbrk() needs to be called, e.g. if you track "size available", or your linked list represents "free blocks", and it's zero (or smaller than the malloc size), then you need to call sbrk() - it then doesn't really matter if it's the first time or hundredth time that you call malloc() - you need to allocate more memory!].

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