Thread: C30 Compiler for MPLAB

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    C30 Compiler for MPLAB

    I'm hoping this question is general enough that people understand what i am talking about and will be able to tell me where to go.

    I am using the C30 Compiler for MPLAB. In one of the Microchip specs, it claims:

    "The C30 C compiler includes library procedures to automatically perform the table read and table write operations,manage the Table Pointer, and write buffers, and unlock and initiate memory write sequences. This eliminates the need to create assembler macros or time critical routines in C for each application"
    But for some odd reason it doesn't tell me where or how to find these mysterious procedures. Where do i find them?

    thanks in advance...

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    Is it not in the documentation on Microchip's website? I thought they at least used to have language references somewhere. It was for the C18 compiler when I was using Microchip stuff, but I'd imagine they have it for C30 too.

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