Thread: Segmentation fault, I can't see why?

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    Segmentation fault, I can't see why?

    struct sched_param *sp_daemon;
    sp_daemon = alloca(sizeof(*sp_daemon));
    sp_daemon->sched_priority = SCHED_SS_DAEMON_PRIORITY; //Just some high RT prio
    printf("THIS GETS PRINTED");
    if(pthread_setschedparam(pthread_self(), SCHED_FIFO, sp_daemon)) {
        perror("1. pthread_setschedparam failed!");
        return -1;
    Why do I get segfault here? I cant see it? wht am I doing wrong??

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    Is alloca() really what you want here? If you want a local variable on the stack, then just use one. If you want to ALLOCATE some memory for your structure, then use malloc() or similar.

    alloca is great for when you need some function-local dynamic (and relatively small) space.

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    > if(pthread_setschedparam(pthread_self(), SCHED_FIFO, sp_daemon))
    The memory you pass to a thread needs to have a lifetime which is at least as long as the life of the calling function, and the life of the thread which is to be run.

    Local variables don't normally fall into this category.
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