Thread: Writing a program to make a calendar

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    Visual Studio Express edition 2005 is available for free from Microsoft.

    gcc and several IDE's using gcc is available for free.

    I believe there is a Turbo C 2005 too - if you really want that.

    Compilers can produce warnings - make the compiler programmers happy: Use them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElemenT.usha View Post
    ok for GIBOSMAT i dunno wat do u mean by curses ????
    its a famous linux lib for making interactive console programs..
    think of it as console graphcs driver, like DirectX for windows
    in ncurses you can print anywhere on the console not just after the command..
    Quote Originally Posted by ElemenT.usha View Post
    im sorry replace main() with void main()

    and with the issue of 92 n 392 .... i xpected him to complete the code......
    that was pretty easy......

    and SALEM ill remember to indent and remove preprocessor ... thanxxxx
    did you see salem's avtar?

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    Thanks for the help. The program codes that I could decipher the meaning of were helpful.

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