Thread: Source code of C standard library...

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    Source code of C standard library...


    I viewed the header files for some libraries but there are only declarations. Is the source code stored somewhere else? How can i view them? For example, where s the source code for printf()?

    thnx a lot

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    Sources are usually compiled into library files (.lib) in commercial compilers and distrubuted with their headers so you cannot read the source.

    However you may try yo search for an open source compiler such as gcc.
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    For DJGPP (should work for any other compiler, but they might have done it differently in their original code...) (1.5M)
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    ozgulker has the right idea. When you write a library, you use multiple .c/.cpp files and a header file to link all of them, and then you compile and run lib.exe to make the library. Then you #include the .h file to use the functions. The lib is already compiled. So, I don't think that you'll be able to get at the code.
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